How to get Participate in #BeerforSB

A letter from Ben:

Dear brewing colleagues:

As we all know, the strength of the craft brewing community is one of support and inclusion, where we are stronger by working together instead of seeing each other as direct competition. In that vein, I was hoping to call on our collective sense of unity to rally for a cause that has become so important to us here in Redlands and the Inland Empire.

We are now acutely aware of the mass shooting of December 2, 2015, that occurred in San Bernardino, less than 10 miles from our facility. That proximity brought us closer to this type of tragedy than we ever hoped to become, while leaving us with the obligation to not to turn the page and move on, but to embrace those affected by these heinous acts.

Hangar 24 is embarking on a charitable effort, through the United Way, to raise money for victims and their families, where 100 percent of what is raised is given to the cause. We are not only calling on everybody in our distribution network to contribute, but we will be playing host to an on-site fundraising effort on Dec. 26, where 100 percent of the income from the tasting room and our online store will be donated.  We are also having special t-shirts made to help in our fundraising efforts which are available for everyone to purchase for sale at your brewery direct from the t-shirt manufacturer or send your t-shirt supplier the files to create the shirts (

Our hope is to convince other breweries to consider fundraising options as well, and donate to a United Way account set up by us to go exclusively to victims of the San Bernardino tragedy. Any array of fundraising options are worthwhile, from donating $1 per pint sold on a particular day or time, to the type of event Hangar 24 plans to hold, complete with live bands playing all day in the open space adjacent to our brewery.

On December 17th, we will conduct a press conference at our facility, one which will include District Attorney Mike Ramos, State Assemblyman Marc Steinorth, U.S. Congressman Pete Aguilar and Redlands mayor Paul Foster. We also would like to extend a press conference invitation to breweries that plan on undertaking their own fundraising efforts, while also mentioning them in upcoming communications.

Every little bit helps, but beyond financial help, there is an important message to be sent. It would come not just from the craft brewing community rallying together, but to offer a sign that we as a people are steadfast in uplifting those harmed by cowardice.

Please know that I do this not to draw attention to myself, or the brewery, but to use our platform in this community to do what is right. Our own San Bernardino County health inspector, Tin Nguyen, was one of 14 people killed in the San Bernardino attacks. I have never felt more devoted to a cause.

Your attention given towards this request is greatly appreciated.  We are thankful to be part of the brewing community where we can feel comfortable reaching out for assistance and collaboration towards such a needed cause.  Together we can make a significant impact for those who have lost so much.

How to participate in the beer industry for San Bernardino fundraising effort:

1.       Register your brewery at to show that you will be holding a fundraising event so that we can include your brewery name in public communications.

2.       Download beer industry fundraising event logo here ( and use hashtag #beerforsb on social media to promote your event and fundraising efforts.

3.       Hold your fundraising event.

4.       Donate funds raised to and your name will be added to list of donors page

5.       A press release to include your breweries name will go out in February to recap all of the beer industries fundraising efforts.

Levels and ideas for ways to go about fundraising at your tasting room:

Above and Beyond Fundraiser ($1,000 or more)

1.       Donate a $1 from every pint of s specific beer until goal is reached.

2.       Donate all proceeds from (2) 1/2 barrel kegs.

1/2 Barrel Fundraiser ($500 to $999)

1.       Donate $1 from every pint from a specific beer until your goal is reached.

2.       Donate all proceeds from (1) 1/2 barrel keg.

1/6 Barrel Fundraiser ($100 to $499)

1.       Donate $1 from every pint from a specific beer until your goal is reached.

2.       Donate all proceeds from (1) 1/6 barrel keg.

Every Dollar Counts Fundraiser ($1 to $99)

1.       Donate $1 from every pint from a specific beer until your goal is reached.

2.       Donate $1 from every pint from a specific beer for one day.


If you have any questions whatsoever, please reach out to us at



Ben Cook


Hangar 24 Craft Brewery

Redlands, CA


Link to San Bernardino United Way Fund/Hangar 24 Charities - #BeerforSB donation page:


Arrowhead United Way is a certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  All funds will be handled and dispersed by the United Way.  Administration fees are being waived by the United Way for this fundraising event so that 100% of donations go to those who were affected.