Hangar 24 Charities is dedicated to supporting children and veterans in need.


Hangar 24 Charities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing impactful donations towards children and veterans in need. 

Since 2008, Hangar 24 Charities has provided funding to local organizations and meaningful causes. In more recent years, this organization has refocused donations towards benefiting children and our nation’s veterans.  

Funds are raised throughout the year from our charity events Oktoberfest and AirFest, generous customers, friends, family, and caring members within our Hangar 24 Charities family.

Charity Goals

It is our goal to help fund organizations that help those most pertinent to our country's future: children and veterans.

Every child is an integral part of the future prosperity of this country. Therefore, it is important that every child has the resources to become the best they can be. Whether we fund their health costs, education, or social skills, we want to be apart of guaranteeing the future of this nation is preserved in the integrity of our children. It takes a community to raise a child and Hangar 24 Charities is dedicated to helping organizations raise children who are healthy, resilient, intellectual, and progressive.

Our veterans are another integral part in the preservation of this country. The incredibly selfless sacrifice they make helps ensure that our freedom continues to ring. The very characteristics that these veterans portray during their time served has prompted Hangar 24 Charities to advocate for their health services, continued education, and societal reintegration. 

Since Hangar 24 was created, we have felt giving to be an intrinsic duty. We always refer to the idea that you have not truly lived until you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you. It’s about selflessness, it’s about advocating change, and it’s always about people.
— Ben Cook, Owner & President of Hangar 24

Mission Statement

Hangar 24 Charities is dedicated to supporting children in need and our nation's veterans. This charity is dedicated to supporting these individuals because of the integral part they play in our society. We vow to honor these individuals by donating funds to honest organizations that provide unparalleled services and servitude.